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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2009, 11:55 am
glitteringlynx: Some helpful information I found on losing weight

I was perusing WebMD for completely non-weight loss issues but stumbled across some nonetheless.

Here's a great one about portion control techniques and uses common items that can be handy for remembering serving size:

This slideshow covers some common dieting mistakes:

I know it's very common as humans for us to incorrectly estimate portion size (I'm still bad at knowing what a "serving size" for rice or pasta is, just by looking at it). It's even worse when you consider some of us younger folk (like me) don't remember the 50s and 60s when smaller servings were typical. It's hard to know that we're eating too much when you've never seen smaller serving sizes used. So it's nice to have some common household objects to use as mental size references.

I hope others will find this as beneficial as I did, or at least as a mental refresher.